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Tottenham, London - Healthy streets, SUDS and green infrastructure

An important new case study explores urban realm regeneration projects in Tottenham, London. It exemplifies the growing potential of concrete block permeable paving in the hands of innovative designers to deliver SuDS and optimise synergy with street trees to address climate change.

At White Hart Lane, a pilot designed using ‘Healthy Streets’ principles, extensive concrete block permeable paving surfaces not only act as SuDS elements – attenuating and treating rainwater runoff – but also enable essential gas exchange and optimised water supply for tree roots. At the adjacent Love Lane, a concrete block permeable paved adopted highway also accepts runoff from impermeable surfaces. This paving incorporates structural tree pits, based on the ‘Stockholm Solution’, to enable trees to benefit from rainwater collected from an extended catchment, making them healthier and more resilient to drought.

At Broad Lane Square in south Tottenham the same designers take forward these principles with ‘inverted raingardens’ protect existing trees and new green infrastructure, supplied with a gradual supply of clean water from extensive permeable paving catchments.

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Published: May 2022