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Concrete pipelifters

Pipe Lifting and Pipe Laying

The Concrete Pipe Lifters make light work of the installation of wastewater pipelines. Simply attach the lifting equipment to your excavator in seconds, using a quick-hitch coupling. The Pipe Lifter has a hydraulic clamping system and is attached to the excavator by a quick hitch, so no hydraulic connection is required to the excavator.It makes handling and installing pipes faster and safer while saving time and money.

The Concrete Pipe Lifter is suitable for concrete pipes that meet the UK BS EN1916 specification, from DN 300 to DN 1200.

The key drivers in developing a lifting system were improving safety, increasing efficiency, and minimising product damage.

  • Safer. No operative needed on vehicle during off loading or in trench during pipe laying.
  • Easier. Simple to use. No special equipment & minimal training required.
  • Faster. Around 50% saving on installation time.

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