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Standards & regulations

BS 8297

Code of practice: Design, manufacture and installation of architectural precast concrete cladding was updated in October 2017 after extensive contribution from members of MPA Precast. 

BS 8297 is the definitive standard for precast concrete cladding. The standard update reflects latest best practice, the latest standards including Eurocode 2 (BS EN 1992) as well as new sections on subjects including thermal and acoustic requirements. The scope of BS 8297 acknowledges that not all architectural precast concrete performs as cladding, the scope also includes architectural precast.

The standard provides comprehensive coverage of all types of precast cladding and architectural precast. This includes non-load-bearing, single skin precast panels, often with brick, stone or terracotta tile facings, and typically face-sealed, though they can also take the form of a rainscreen. The standard’s scope also addresses the architectural outer concrete skin of structural load-bearing sandwich panels, which again tend to be face sealed.

A number of precast façade classifications, types and finishes are included such as linear elements such as beams and columns, items of permanent formwork, precast sculptures and other aesthetic features.

This standard is available from BSI.

Eurocode 2

Where precast products are justified by calculation, this is normally carried out to Eurocode 2. However, the design rules in Eurocode 2 can be supplemented by explanations on application and even alternative design rules in the appropriate European Product standards. An example of this is BS EN1168 which provides additional rules for the safe design of hollowcore slabs.  

Therefore, when designing precast elements it is important to check for additional design information in the Product Standards. A list of standards relevant to the design and specification of precast products can be found here

The current precast product standards refer to and are consistent with the first generation Eurocode 2. As clause numbering has changed and some design models have been modified it would not generally be appropriate to use the current precast product standards with the second generation Eurocode 2. It is expected that the precast products standards will by updated to the second generation Eurocode prior to the March 2028 withdrawal date of the first generation.