British Precast Best Practice Awards 2019 - Nominated Awards

9 Jul 2019

Every year, alongside our judged Best Practice Awards in Health and Safety, Project, Innovation and Digital Transformation, British Precast also acknowledges good practice within our member organisations. This year we saw the return of our Outstanding Contribution to Health and Safety Award. The aim of this award scheme is to recognise leadership, special efforts, or significant contributions to improvements in health and safety in the business or along the supply chain.

The first of these awards went to Jonathon O’Coy of FP McCann.

British Precast Best Practice 2019 Award Winners Jonathon O'Coy and Norman Richards

Jonathon is extremely respected at all of FP McCann’s sites due to his communication skills and willingness to discuss safety issues and offer solutions, praising individuals who are working safely which in turn encourages individuals to continue in working in a safe manner. Jonathon has been the driving force in the rolling out of FP McCann’s behavioural safety and culture change initiative throughout the business where his expert analysis of incident data and implementation of measures to ensure no repeats is of significant benefit. Joss is also a vital participant in many British Precast committees helping to spread best practice throughout the industry and the judges believe that Joss should be commended for his overall dedication and commitment to health and safety. 

The second winner of this year’s British Precast Outstanding Contribution to Health and Safety Award was Chris Taylor of Stanton Bonna Concrete.

Chris is a previous winner of this award, winning in 2017, but his enthusiasm towards making the work environment safer has not diminished and his contribution to health and safety in the sector continues. Chris is actively focused on health and safety impacts of activities across the supply chain, including those not performed or controlled by Stanton Bonna. Chris continues to work enthusiastically on many other varied health and safety projects and continues to be a torchbearer for proactively tackling significant health and safety issues.

A new award category for 2019 was for Future Leader. This award was added to our awards roster as means to celebrate future leaders and rising stars in the precast concrete industry. Individuals could include (but not limited to) new entrants to the industry, graduates and apprentices.

The British Precast Future Leader Award for 2019 was awarded to Harry Brown of FP McCann.

British Precast Best Practice Future Leader Award Winner Harry Brown

Harry joined the company in late 2017 with a first-class honours degree in forensics and analytical chemistry with no previous experience of precast concrete manufacture. In less than 12 months Harry progressed from a Trainee Quality Co-ordinator to Deputy Quality Manager at the FP McCann Cadeby site where he now provides a strong interface between customers and the manufacturing activities and is expected to be appointed as a Quality Manager within 2 years with multi-operational responsibilities.

The judges were impressed with Harry’s ability and willingness to turn his hand to several different roles, his drive for continued personal development including the studying concrete technology at Derby University that makes him an excellent role model and future leader and exemplifies the excellent graduates that the precast industry needs to continue to attract.

This year British Precast are delighted to make a special one-off Award to recognise the Outstanding Contribution to Sustainability that has been made by Norman Richards within the precast industry for over 20 years.

Originally trained as a marine biologist Norman currently is the longest serving member of the British Precast Sustainability & Environment Committee, joining first as an Environmental Manager for Marley Precast in the 1990’s and then chairing that committee until 2001. Norman helped to develop the British Precast Sustainability Strategy 13 years ago, as well as helping to set up and operate the British Precast Charter Scheme since 2007 and being responsible for its operation and audit processes since 2008. Norman had a pivotal role in the Charters upgrade in 2013, and helped the precast industry adopt the principles of Responsible Sourcing, supporting many precast businesses achieve BES 6001 certification since 2010.