Members Benefit From Changes To Climate Levy

18 Jun 2019

Climate Change Levy is a tax paid on electricity, gas and solid fuels (such as coal, lignite, coke and petroleum coke) consumed by industrial, commercial, agricultural and public service businesses. It was introduced in 2001 and is paid through electricity, gas and fuel bills.

EU legislation allows member states to apply an exemption from this tax for mineralogical and metallurgical processes. Up until 2014 the UK Government did not adopt this exemption. However, following strong lobbying from MPA (with our allies in ceramics and glass sectors), the Chancellor announced in the 2013 Budget that the exemption would be made available from 1st April 2014. Since 2014 MPA has been made aware that some eligible activities within our membership are not claiming the tax relief. If any British Precast members are not claiming the tax reduction, they should contact MPA.